#383 - Jandal, Flip Flops,Thongs.

Jandal, Flip Flops,Thongs.
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I bet you wear or have worn a pair of these.The original Jandal (or what ever other name it goes by), that in New Zealand we new as  Jandal. Made at first  in cream and blue rubber , that was the only choice of colours for some time. a much loved sandal worn be either sex it is still made in this format to-day. NZ produced them first for their use in the late 50's. Any colour , but still the basic style.

The history we are informed is that it first was supplied to the American troups during the Sth, Pacific campaign to combat the bugs caught in showers etc. So they were termed "shower shoes'. Believed to have been patterned on the oriental woven sandal worn by all for it seems for ever.

A must have to remember those summer days. available in all golds, just ask for the price of your gold choice.

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