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Many charms are suitable for lovely Pendants , Earrings or Brooches. 

We do have chains for this choice and we suggest the bale you see here for this purpose. Boxes or bags are the option for pendants. Ask us for priceing to convert a charm to a pendant for you, some charms may need a little alteration to make them sit against your chest evenly, we will be able to do this if need be. 

Earrings : yes we can make earrings as you can see by some on view. Stud or drop, with simple wire hooks or we also have earring fancy more solid tops for a post and scroll fitting if you prefer  this look. I can send you a mock up  picture if you wish. 

Brooches : We use the most often the Lapel Pin with Clutch, the longer pin is still an option.So for fun or corporate use the charm of choice makes a statement.

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