#057 - Native Outrigger Canoe

Native Outrigger Canoe
[{"colour":"","code":"#057","size":"","price":71,"qty":9999,"pid":1312338,"style":"Silver","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/252904/57plain_back_.jpg","title":"Native Outrigger Canoe"},{"colour":"","code":"#057","size":"","price":870,"qty":9999,"pid":1312339,"style":"9ct. Y Gold","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/252904/57plain_back_.jpg","title":"Native Outrigger Canoe"}]
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A South Pacific outriggar canoe, that is in style with a few variations seen in most of the Islands under differen't names. This item is plain polished on the back. Large enough for a pendant.

In Fiji we have used this same charm with Fiji spelt out on the back of the charm. 

All charms are available in all golds, silver and platinum prices on request.

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