#061 - Bungy Jumper

Bungy Jumper
23.4h mm
[{"colour":"","code":"#061","size":"","price":51,"qty":9999,"pid":1310457,"style":"Silver","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/252904/061_front_.jpg","title":"Bungy Jumper"},{"colour":"","code":"#061","size":"","price":590,"qty":9999,"pid":1310458,"style":"9ct. Y Gold","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/252904/061_front_.jpg","title":"Bungy Jumper"}]
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The Bungy Jumper.A made in New Zealand extreme sport,  seen here in jeans and a "T" shirt which has fallen up the body. Mouth open as if a scream is happening, the detail is all there right down to the rope and seams on the jeans. Now enjoyed through out the world. 

All our charms are only made in precious metal, ask for a price. 

Makes a super sports bag zip tag or for you jacket. to say I have been there and done that. We have a clip catch for you if you wish see acessories.

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