#587 Kiwi - Rugby Ball with Kiwi Inside

Rugby Ball with Kiwi Inside
Opens & moves
#587 Kiwi
[{"colour":"","code":"#587kiwi","size":"","price":95,"qty":9999,"pid":1312511,"style":"Silver","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/252904/587_kiwi_.jpg","title":"Rugby Ball with Kiwi Inside"},{"colour":"","code":"#587kiwi","size":"","price":1105,"qty":9999,"pid":1312510,"style":"9ct. Y Gold","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/252904/587_kiwi_.jpg","title":"Rugby Ball with Kiwi Inside"}]
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The Rugby Ball that opens and there is a tiny Kiwi swinging inside. Fullu polished outside means it is nice and smooth for that pendant, or zip pull. A clip can be fitted for any use, just ask and we  will fit one and price for you. Chain and bale available also just ask the price. 

Buy for gifts or wear one yourself.

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