#430-15mm - Disc size 15mm

Disc size 15mm
15mm no rings
2D engravable
[{"colour":"","code":"#430-15","size":"","price":40,"qty":9999,"pid":1311440,"style":"Silver","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/252904/pid1301482/430_15mm_.jpg","title":"Disc size 15mm"},{"colour":"","code":"#430-15","size":"","price":465,"qty":9999,"pid":1311441,"style":"9ct. Y Gold","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/252904/pid1301482/430_15mm_.jpg","title":"Disc size 15mm"}]
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Like all engravables, they can also have small stones grain set in to them. They have many uses from pendants to zip pull name tags. school or work recognition and sports prizes. Pet tags , health tags. Simply a charm with some ones message or the person name ingraved on it in a nice stylized from.See the others we make and that they mostly come in different sizes.

Gold price vailable on request.

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