#198 - Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank
3D, Moving
[{"colour":"","code":"#198","size":"","price":60,"qty":9999,"pid":1309766,"style":"Silver","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/252904/pid1139771/198_coin_up_.jpg","title":"Piggy Bank"},{"colour":"","code":"#198","size":"","price":745,"qty":9999,"pid":1309765,"style":"9ct. Y Gold","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/252904/pid1139771/198_coin_up_.jpg","title":"Piggy Bank"}]
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A piggy Bank, we all need one of these instead of using the back of the sofa. The coin goes up and down inside the pig.

Available in all golds. prices on request.

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