Services Available

  • We do solder your charms purchased from us to your bracelet at $5.00 each.
  • We will solder on your other charms for a small fee of $15.00 each.
  • We repair and refurbish charm bracelets.
  • Catch replacements, see selection in accessories.
  • We do Not Gold Plate silver charms.
  • We make all our charms but they may have purchased elements.
  • For miniature collectors, we will remove all rings if you so require. Many charms will free stand.
  • We can and do, put charms on belcher chains, but we do recommend the simple plain strong single curb chain link as it enables smooth movement and even wear . See our bracelets in accessories.
  • We make in all precious metals only. 
  • We use signature required courier packages.
  • Charms to-day are availabe at your request in many guises. Here are some suggest
  • Cuff Links were suitable , small alteration may be needed.
  • Zip Pulls are the new use it anywhere item. Using a caribina or crab claw clasp(see accessories), you can clip your purchase to to not only an instant fix on your bracelet , but anywhere there is a opening to take the clip. Both male and female like this idea.
  • Lapel pins are handy and can be also used a as a Tie Tack.
  • Tie grips.
  • Earrings, can be stud or drop. 
  • Maybe you can think of another idea I have not.
  • We Do Not Engrave.

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